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  • GitHub comment 277#252489400
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    • Socket closed 2016-10-09 14:21:41,520 WARN [ Shutdown-Hook] [org.knowm.sundial.SundialJobScheduler:140] Scheduler has not yet been created!!! Call "createScheduler" first. Exception in thread " Shutdown-Hook" java.lang.NullPointerException 2016-10-09 14:21:41,530 ERROR [Acme.Utils.ThreadPool(5)-PooledThread: Acme.Serve.Serve$ServeConnection@db975] [org.mycontroller.standalone.AppProperties:342] Unable to create tmp location, Location:tmp/ at org.mycontroller.standalone.mqttbroker.MoquetteMqttBroker.stop( at org.mycontroller.standalone.StartApp.stopServices( at org.mycontroller.standalone.AppShutdownHook$
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