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  • via GitHub by fviale
    , 1 year ago
  • null
  • via GitHub by skodapetr
    , 9 months ago
  • Stack trace

    • java.lang.Throwable: null at org.openrdf.sail.helpers.AbstractSailConnection.close([sesame-runtime-osgi-4.0.1-SNAPSHOT-custom.jar:na] at org.openrdf.repository.sail.SailRepositoryConnection.close([sesame-runtime-osgi-4.0.1-SNAPSHOT-custom.jar:na] at com.linkedpipes.etl.dataunit.sesame.ActionExecutor.execute([dataunit-sesame-impl-0.0.0.jar:na] at com.linkedpipes.etl.dataunit.sesame.SesameDataUnitImpl.execute([dataunit-sesame-impl-0.0.0.jar:na] at com.linkedpipes.etl.dataunit.sesame.SingleGraphDataUnitImpl.execute([dataunit-sesame-impl-0.0.0.jar:na] at com.linkedpipes.plugin.transformer.sparql.update.SparqlUpdate.execute([file?] at com.linkedpipes.etl.component.api.impl.SimpleComponentImpl.execute([api-component-v1-impl-0.0.0.jar:na] at[executor.jar:na] at[na:1.8.0_101]

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