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  • GitHub comment 2353#252767799
    via GitHub by jonescc
    • ncks: ERROR User-specified coordinate value range 30.96 <= lat <= 38.61 does not fall within valid coordinate range -69.99 <= lat <= 19.99[/usr/bin
    • cks, -a, -4, -O, --mk_rec_dmn, time, -d, time,1993-03-16T09:20:00.000Z,1994-02-14T21:20:00.000999Z, -d, lon,128.65,141.09, -d, lat,30.96,38.61, -v, time,lat,lon,dt_analysis,l2p_flags,quality_level,satellite_zenith_angle,sea_surface_temperature,sses_bias,sses_count,sses_standard_deviation,sst_dtime, /mnt/ebs/geoserver_wps/temp/wps/81a302d0-e7a0-45c1-be39-b0364455256c/tmp/df9ffb21-3bd7-4699-930d-989d0a91d2ef/gogoduck4190927470428961308/, /mnt/ebs/tomcat7/geoserver_wps/temp/] at at
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