Stack Overflow | kevin caradant | 4 months ago
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    What is the good use to create a wait / notify window with javafx?

    Stack Overflow | 4 months ago | kevin caradant
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    put the current thread to sleep while waiting for another thread

    Stack Overflow | 4 years ago | One Two Three
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    How to acquire semaphore in order to notify waiting threads on that semaphore? (Java)

    Stack Overflow | 4 years ago | likejiujitsu
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    IllegalMonitorStateException raised with explicit lock/condition

    Stack Overflow | 7 years ago | CyberSnoopy
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    illegalStateException on nested lock

    Stack Overflow | 2 years ago | OiRc

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Root Cause Analysis

  1. java.lang.IllegalMonitorStateException

    No message provided

    at java.lang.Object.notifyAll()
  2. Java RT
    1. java.lang.Object.notifyAll(Native Method)
    1 frame
  3. controllers
    1. controllers.HomeController.notifyPopup(
    2. controllers.HomeController.lambda$1(
    2 frames
  4. com.sun.javafx
    1. com.sun.javafx.event.CompositeEventHandler.dispatchBubblingEvent(
    1 frame