java.lang.NullPointerException | 6 months ago
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    Liquibase Hibernate Plugin Does Not Work

    Stack Overflow | 2 years ago | Jazzepi
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    Liquibase Hibernate Plugin Does Not Work (Java) - | 6 months ago
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  4. 0 I am having a small issue with the hibernate integration. I noticed that you split the hibernate aspect of liquibase into separate extension jar file in v2. I guess the documentation is a little out of date. Anyway having downloaded that, I now get a little further. The output I now get is D:\apps\liquibase-2.0.1-bin>java -jar liquibase.jar --logLevel=debug diff DEBUG 14/02/11 12:46:liquibase: Unable to load/access Apache Derby driver class to check version: DEBUG 14/02/11 12:46:liquibase: Connected to XTS_CHRIS@jdbc:oracle:thin:@asus4:1 521:XE WARNING 14/02/11 12:46:liquibase: Unknown database: Hibernate DEBUG 14/02/11 12:46:liquibase: Reading tables for unsupported Database ... INFO 14/02/11 12:46:liquibase: Reading tables for unsupported Database ... Liquibase Update Failed: Unknown Reason SEVERE 14/02/11 12:46:liquibase: Unknown Reason java.lang.NullPointerException at liquibase.snapshot.jvm.JdbcDatabaseSnapshotGenerator.readTables(JdbcD at liquibase.snapshot.jvm.JdbcDatabaseSnapshotGenerator.createSnapshot(J at liquibase.snapshot.DatabaseSnapshotGeneratorFactory.createSnapshot(Da at at liquibase.integration.commandline.CommandLineUtils.doDiff(CommandLine at liquibase.integration.commandline.Main.doMigration( at liquibase.integration.commandline.Main.main( Looking into the source code, I am a little confused. liquibase.ext.hibernate.database.HibernateDatabase.getConnection always returns null. liquibase.snapshot.jvm.JdbcDatabaseSnapshotGenerator.createSnapshot obtains a DatabaseMetaData and then passes to readTables. My take on the getMetaData method is that it will always return null, hence fail for a hibernate driver. So it appears to me that something must have changed in this area, or I am doing something wrong.

    JIRA | 6 years ago | Nathan Voxland
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    Unexpected error running Liquibase: Unknown Reason

    Stack Overflow | 2 years ago | user3369864

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.lang.NullPointerException

      No message provided

      at liquibase.executor.jvm.JdbcExecutor$QueryCallableStatementCallback.doInCallableStatement()
    2. Liquibase Core
      1. liquibase.executor.jvm.JdbcExecutor$QueryCallableStatementCallback.doInCallableStatement(
      2. liquibase.executor.jvm.JdbcExecutor.execute(
      3. liquibase.executor.jvm.JdbcExecutor.query(
      4. liquibase.executor.jvm.JdbcExecutor.query(
      5. liquibase.executor.jvm.JdbcExecutor.queryForObject(
      6. liquibase.executor.jvm.JdbcExecutor.queryForObject(
      7. liquibase.executor.jvm.JdbcExecutor.queryForObject(
      8. liquibase.database.AbstractJdbcDatabase.getConnectionSchemaName(
      9. liquibase.database.AbstractJdbcDatabase.getDefaultSchemaName(
      10. liquibase.CatalogAndSchema.customize(
      11. liquibase.snapshot.SnapshotGeneratorFactory.createSnapshot(
      12. liquibase.command.DiffCommand.createReferenceSnapshot(
      13. liquibase.command.DiffCommand.createDiffResult(
      15. liquibase.command.AbstractCommand.execute(
      16. liquibase.integration.commandline.CommandLineUtils.doDiffToChangeLog(
      17. liquibase.integration.commandline.Main.doMigration(
      19. liquibase.integration.commandline.Main.main(
      19 frames