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    • java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Resource '{:type "File", :title "/var/lib/p uppet/concat/thomas_vimrc/fragments/75_thomas_vimrc-\" allow adding additional config through .vimrc.local_if filereadable(glob(\"~_.vimrc.local\"))_\tsource ~_.vimrc.local_endif_"}' has an invalid tag 'thomas:vimrc-" allow adding additi onal config through .vimrc.local if filereadable(glob("~/.vimrc.local")) source ~/.vimrc.local endif '. Tags must match the pattern /\A[a-z0-9_][a-z0-9_:\-.]*\Z/. at com.puppetlabs.puppetdb.catalogs$validate_resources.invoke(catalogs.clj:331)[na:na]
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