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  • Processing Pattern Example not working?
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  • start Conherence ERROR!!!
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  • Stopping Cluster... Unable to refresh sockets
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  • Unable to refresh sockets Exception
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    • Unable to refresh sockets: [UnicastUdpSocket{State=STATE_OPEN, address:port=}, MulticastUdpSocket{State=STATE_OPEN, address:port=, InterfaceAddress=, TimeToLive=4}, TcpSocketAccepter{State=STATE_OPEN, ServerSocket=}]; last failed socket: MulticastUdpSocket{State=STATE_OPEN, address:port=, InterfaceAddress=, TimeToLive=4}* at$SocketManager.refreshSockets(Cluster.CDB:91) at$SocketManager$MulticastUdpSocket.onInterruptedIOException(Cluster.CDB:9) at at at com.tangosol.coherence.component.util.daemon.queueProcessor.packetProcessor.PacketListener.onNotify(PacketListener.CDB:19) at at Caused by: Receive timed out at Method) at at at ... 4 more

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