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via GitHub by hsanchez
, 1 year ago
Failed to apply jb to <jme3test.model.anim.TestSpatialAnim: void simpleInitApp()>
via GitHub by martinschaef
, 2 years ago
Failed to apply jb to <org.apache.cassandra.config.ViewDefinition: java.util.List whereClauseToRelations(java.lang.String)>
via GitHub by benjholla
, 2 years ago
Failed to apply jb to &#60;TestNullArray: void main(java.lang.String[])&#62;
via GitHub by flankerhqd
, 2 years ago
Failed to apply jb to <android.os.FileBridge: void run()>
via GitHub by WangYeOtw
, 2 years ago
Failed to convert <org.apache.http.client.utils.URLEncodedUtils: java.lang.String decode(java.lang.String,java.lang.String)>
via GitHub by nignag
, 2 years ago
Failed to convert &lt;gnu.kawa.slib.syntaxutils: gnu.expr.Expression rewriteForm$V(java.lang.Object,java.lang.Object[])&gt;
java.lang.RuntimeException: This operation requires resolving level HIERARCHY but com.jme3.animation.Track is at resolving level DANGLING
If you are extending Soot, try to add the following call before calling soot.Main.main(..):
Otherwise, try whole-program mode (-w).	at soot.SootClass.checkLevelIgnoreResolving(	at soot.SootClass.checkLevel(	at soot.FastHierarchy.canStoreClass(	at soot.FastHierarchy.canStoreType(	at soot.FastHierarchy.canStoreType(	at	at	at$CastInsertionUseVisitor.visit(	at	at	at soot.jimple.internal.JInvokeStmt.apply(	at	at	at	at	at soot.jimple.toolkits.typing.TypeAssigner.internalTransform(	at soot.BodyTransformer.transform(	at soot.Transform.apply(	at soot.JimpleBodyPack.applyPhaseOptions(	at soot.JimpleBodyPack.internalApply(	at soot.Pack.apply(	at soot.asm.AsmMethodSource.getBody(	at soot.SootMethod.getBodyFromMethodSource(	at soot.SootMethod.retrieveActiveBody(	at com.sri.prog2dfg.SootToGraph.processSootMethod(	at com.sri.prog2dfg.SootToGraph.processSootClass(	at	at com.sri.prog2dfg.Main.main(