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  1. KevScriptEngine.executeFromStream() has thrown an Exception

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java.lang.Exception: Unable to find kevoree.JavaNode/LATEST/LATEST on the registry
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    at org.kevoree.kevscript.KevScriptEngine.interpret(
    at org.kevoree.kevscript.KevScriptEngine.executeFromStream(
    at org.kevoree.kevscript.KevScriptEngine.execute(
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  1. alliSoftwareAGvia GitHub1 year ago
    Failed to execute goal (default-cli) on project apamaTest2: Something went wrong
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  2. tdalianisvia GitHub2 years ago
    Unable to find any DeployUnit attached to kevoree.JavaNode/1/RELEASE
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  3. tdalianisvia GitHub2 years ago
    Unable to find kevoree.JavaNode/LATEST/RELEASE on the registry
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