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Look if your classpath is correct, and check if the versions of your libraries match the version you described in your pom.xml

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  • via Google Groups by Diana Magdi, 3 weeks ago
    > shared/SharedObjectFactory > Can you show the exact classpath you're using? To debug this, I usually add this statement at the beginning of my code: System.out.println(System.getProperty("java.class.path")); This will show what jars are on
  • via hadoop-general by Owen O'Malley, 11 months ago
    Could not initialize class > org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration > HadoopWriterLib.HadoopWriter.OpenFileSystem( > HadoopWriterLib.HadoopWriter.( > HadoopServletTest.doGet(HadoopSe
  • via Google Groups by Anne Martens, 1 year ago
    com/google/ > >> inject/internal/collect/Lists > >>  at > >> $RealMultibinder.initialize( > >>  at org.opt4j.start.Opt4JModule.multi( > > >> This was after I fixed
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