java.sql.SQLException: Error opening connection

Google Groups | Developer | 2 years ago
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    java.sql.SQLException: Error opening connection
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    java.sql.SQLException: Error opening connection
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    java.sql.SQLException: path to 'C:\Users\jenglert\AppData\Local\Temp\junit6537693933031618377 * \foo.db': 'C:\Users\jdoe\AppData\Local\Temp\junit6537693933031618377' does not exist
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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.lang.Exception

      Error loading native library:

      at org.sqlite.SQLiteJDBCLoader.loadSQLiteNativeLibrary()
    2. SQLite JDBC
      1. org.sqlite.SQLiteJDBCLoader.loadSQLiteNativeLibrary(
      2. org.sqlite.SQLiteJDBCLoader.initialize(
      3. org.sqlite.core.NativeDB.load(
      4 frames