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    Error Json format Parsing

    GitHub | 9 months ago | ArnaudT

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Automated exception search integrated into your IDE

Root Cause Analysis

  1. java.lang.String

    No message provided

    at org.json4s.reflect.package$.fail()
  2. Json4s
    1. org.json4s.reflect.package$.fail(package.scala:96)
    2. org.json4s.Extraction$$json4s$Extraction$ClassInstanceBuilder$$buildCtorArg(Extraction.scala:443)
    3. org.json4s.Extraction$ClassInstanceBuilder$$anonfun$14.apply(Extraction.scala:463)
    4. org.json4s.Extraction$ClassInstanceBuilder$$anonfun$14.apply(Extraction.scala:463)
    4 frames
  3. Scala
    1. scala.collection.TraversableLike$$anonfun$map$1.apply(TraversableLike.scala:245)
    2. scala.collection.TraversableLike$$anonfun$map$1.apply(TraversableLike.scala:245)
    3. scala.collection.mutable.ResizableArray$class.foreach(ResizableArray.scala:59)
    3 frames