org.eclipse.jgit.api.errors.TransportException: reject HostKey:

Google Groups | David Strickland | 2 years ago
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    I installed codebrag on OSX (mbp) Yosimite, but it continues to complain about git

    Google Groups | 2 years ago | David Strickland
    org.eclipse.jgit.api.errors.TransportException: reject HostKey:
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    JSch / Mailing Lists | 8 months ago
    com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Session.connect: End of IO Stream Read
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    Java Program to run shell commands on SSH enabled System - JournalDev | 3 hours ago
    com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Session.connect: Prime size must be multiple of 64, and can only range from 512 to 2048 (inclusive)
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    Access windows command from Linux using Ant tasks

    Stack Overflow | 3 years ago | Raghav Vaidhyanathan
    com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Session.connect: Connection reset

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Root Cause Analysis

  1. com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException

    reject HostKey:

    at com.jcraft.jsch.Session.checkHost()
  2. JSch
    1. com.jcraft.jsch.Session.checkHost([codebrag.jar:2.3.1]
    2. com.jcraft.jsch.Session.connect([codebrag.jar:2.3.1]
    2 frames
  3. JGit - Core
    1. org.eclipse.jgit.transport.JschConfigSessionFactory.getSession(
    1 frame