unable to find file /sdfs/volumes/awspool/chunkstore/chunks/762/7620927707499785126

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  • via Google Groups by Andrey, 6 months ago
    unable to find file /sdfs/volumes/awspool/chunkstore/chunks/762/7620927707499785126
  • via Google Groups by Unknown author, 4 months ago requested block not found in /var/lib/dbackup3/storaged/.cd_sdfs/chunkstore/chunks/461/4612944337000220117
  • Unable to find configuration file: mqepwstore.props
  • Stack trace

    • java.lang.Exception: unable to find file /sdfs/volumes/awspool/chunkstore/chunks/762/7620927707499785126 at org.opendedup.sdfs.filestore.HashBlobArchive$2.load( at org.opendedup.sdfs.filestore.HashBlobArchive$2.load( at$LoadingValueReference.loadFuture( at$Segment.loadSync(

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