java.lang.NullPointerException: This exception has no message.

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via Google Groups by Michael Bayne, 10 months ago
This exception has no message.
at org.robovm.rt.bro.Bits.access$200(
at$m$setActive$withOptions$error$(Native Method)
at playn.robovm.RoboAudio.(
at playn.robovm.RoboAssets.createSound(
at playn.robovm.RoboAssets.getSound(
at playn.showcase.core.sprites.SpritesDemo.init(
at playn.showcase.core.Showcase.activateDemo(
at playn.showcase.core.Menu$2.onEmit(
at react.UnitSlot.onEmit(
at react.AbstractSignal$2.notify(
at react.Reactor.notify(
at react.AbstractSignal.notifyEmit(
at react.Signal.emit(
at tripleplay.ui.Behavior$
at tripleplay.ui.Behavior$Click.onClick(
at tripleplay.ui.Behavior.onPointerEnd(
at playn.core.PointerImpl$3.interact(
at playn.core.PointerImpl$3.interact(
at playn.core.AbstractLayer.interact(
at playn.core.AbstractLayer.interact(
at playn.core.Dispatcher.tryInteract(
at playn.core.Dispatcher$1.dispatch(
at playn.core.Dispatcher.dispatch(
at playn.core.PointerImpl.onPointerEnd(
at playn.robovm.RoboPointer.onTouchesEnded(
at playn.robovm.RoboViewController$1.touchesEnded(
at playn.robovm.RoboViewController$1.$cb$touchesEnded$withEvent$(
at Method)
at playn.showcase.robovm.ShowcaseRoboVM.main(

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