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  • Building only the run-time library
    via by Bryan Wilkinson,
    • java.lang.RuntimeException: co.paralleluniverse.fibers.SuspendExecution: Oops. Forgot to instrument a method. Run your program with -Dco.paralleluniverse.fibers.verifyInstrumentation=true to catch the culprit! at co.paralleluniverse.fibers.instrument.CatchTest$ at co.paralleluniverse.fibers.instrument.CatchTest$ at at co.paralleluniverse.fibers.Fiber.run1( at co.paralleluniverse.fibers.Fiber.exec( at co.paralleluniverse.fibers.TestsHelper.exec( at co.paralleluniverse.fibers.instrument.CatchTest.testCatch2(
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