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Use replaceOne instead of updateOne


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  • Bulk upsert
    via by Vivek YS,
  • Best way to create bulk upsert
    via by miki haiat,
    • java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Update document keys must start with $: _id at com.mongodb.DBCollectionImpl$Run.executeUpdates( at com.mongodb.DBCollectionImpl$Run.execute( at com.mongodb.DBCollectionImpl.executeBulkWriteOperation( at com.mongodb.DBCollection.executeBulkWriteOperation( at com.mongodb.DBCollection.executeBulkWriteOperation( at com.mongodb.BulkWriteOperation.execute( at com.mongodb.casbah.BulkWriteOperation$$anonfun$1.apply(BulkWriteOperation.scala:71) at com.mongodb.casbah.BulkWriteOperation$$anonfun$1.apply(BulkWriteOperation.scala:71) at scala.util.Try$.apply(Try.scala:161) at com.mongodb.casbah.BulkWriteOperation.execute(BulkWriteOperation.scala:71)
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