GitHub | brunocnoliveira | 3 years ago
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    GitHub comment 5#52975837

    GitHub | 3 years ago | brunocnoliveira
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    Error call "purge" method of "da-arload-filesystem-example" project

    GitHub | 3 years ago | mbandeira The server sent HTTP status code 403: Forbidden
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    DAOD example problem

    GitHub | 2 years ago | jlvila
    com.i2group.apollo.service.common.ValidationException: Data storage partition nearly full (3,440,447,488 bytes free). This can adversely affect system stability. Repository is now read-only until there are at least 4,294,967,296 bytes free.
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    Runtime error from jar (NoClassDefFoundError)

    GitHub | 3 years ago | brunocnoliveira
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/i2group/apollo/externaldata/loader/IDataLoader

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. com.i2group.apollo.externaldata.internal.IItemsXmlProcessor

      No message provided

      at com.i2group.apollo.externaldata.bulkdataloader.itemsgenerator.ItemsGenerator.<init>()
    2. com.i2group.apollo
      1. com.i2group.apollo.externaldata.bulkdataloader.itemsgenerator.ItemsGenerator.<init>(
      1 frame