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via GitHub by Gubbel
, 1 year ago
Expected the first value of <FailWithMessageImprovements$MyTuple@6d21714c> to be <> but was <[I@108c4c35>
via GitHub by OskarLeszczynski
, 1 year ago
Expected JSON to match JSON Path <$.some_list[ \* ][ \* ]> but it didn't
via GitHub by brian-rickman
, 1 year ago
-0123-0123-0123456789ab, , -9223372036854775808] actual rows: [the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog, 9223372036854775807, [B@880cd78, true, 1.0E38
via GitHub by obecker
, 8 months ago
via GitHub by electrum
, 1 year ago
Not equal rows: 0 - expected: 348406.05000000000| 0 - actual: 347372.94714285710|
via GitHub by mattsfuller
, 1 year ago
Expected row count to be <1>, but was <32>; rows=[[columnar_processing, false, false, boolean, Use columnar processing], [columnar_processing_dictionary, false, false, boolean, Use columnar processing with optimizations for dictionaries
java.lang.AssertionError: Expected the first value of <FailWithMessageImprovements$MyTuple@6d21714c> to be <> but was <[I@108c4c35>	at org.assertj.core.api.AbstractAssert.failWithMessage(	at FailWithMessageImprovements$MyTupleAssert.hasValue1(	at FailWithMessageImprovements.customAssert(