org.scalatest.exceptions.TestFailedException: "" did not include substring "exit"

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via GitHub by mdeuser
, 1 year ago
"ok: invoked /_/whiskError with id 6355e78cd85a4952b8196448e25208e6 " did not include substring that matched regex "error": "This error thrown on purpose by the action."
via by Unknown author, 2 years ago
"Jane" did not start with substring "S", inside Name(Jane,Q,Programmer)
via GitHub by dt
, 1 year ago
OK(0) did not equal OK(1)
via GitHub by antonio-castellon
, 2 years ago
))))),None,None,None)))) did not equal Query(None,SingleQuery(List(Match(false,Pattern(List(EveryPath(NodePattern(Some(Identifier(n)),List(),None,true)))),List(),Some(Where(In(FunctionInvocation(FunctionName(id),false,Vector(Identifier(n))),Collection
via GitHub by sinherle
, 1 year ago
12 was not less than 12
org.scalatest.exceptions.TestFailedException: "" did not include substring "exit"
at org.scalatest.MatchersHelper$.newTestFailedException(MatchersHelper.scala:160)
at org.scalatest.Matchers$ShouldMethodHelper$.shouldMatcher(Matchers.scala:6231)

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