java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: name

Google Groups | Oliver Kersten | 1 month ago
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    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: name
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    com.izforge.izpack.api.exception.MergeException: The class name com.lucid.izpack.StopLWPanel is not a valid at com.izforge.izpack.merge.resolve.ClassPathCrawler.searchClassInClassPath( at com.izforge.izpack.merge.resolve.PathResolver.getPanelMerge( at com.izforge.izpack.compiler.packager.impl.PackagerBase.addPanel( at com.izforge.izpack.compiler.CompilerConfig.addPanels( at com.izforge.izpack.compiler.CompilerConfig.executeCompiler( at com.izforge.izpack.ant.IzPackTask.execute( at
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    com.izforge.izpack.api.exception.IzPackException: com.izforge.izpack.api.exception.IzPackException: The package com.izforge.izpack.panels.restart has not been found in the classpath and is required by the installer
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    [izpack-user] How to get user panels working with izpack 5.0.0 beta8? (includes complete example installer...)

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    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/izforge/izpack/installer/base/IzPanel

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException


      at sun.misc.URLClassPath$Loader.findResource()
    2. Java RT
      1. sun.misc.URLClassPath$Loader.findResource(
      2. sun.misc.URLClassPath$
      3. sun.misc.URLClassPath$1.hasMoreElements(
      6. Method)
      8 frames
    3. com.izforge.izpack
      1. com.izforge.izpack.merge.resolve.PathResolver.findResources(
      2. com.izforge.izpack.merge.resolve.PathResolver.resolvePath(
      3. com.izforge.izpack.merge.resolve.PathResolver.getMergeableFromPath(
      4. com.izforge.izpack.merge.MergeManagerImpl.addResourceToMerge(
      5. com.izforge.izpack.compiler.packager.impl.PackagerBase.writeManifest(
      6. com.izforge.izpack.compiler.packager.impl.PackagerBase.writeInstaller(
      7. com.izforge.izpack.compiler.packager.impl.PackagerBase.createInstaller(
      8. com.izforge.izpack.compiler.Compiler.createInstaller(
      9. com.izforge.izpack.compiler.CompilerConfig.executeCompiler(
      10 frames
    4. Java RT
      1 frame