alluxio.exception.FileDoesNotExistException: Path /subdir101/subdir125/blk_1197833667 does not exist

Google Groups | Unknown author | 4 months ago
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    Google Groups | 4 months ago | Unknown author
    alluxio.exception.FileDoesNotExistException: Path /subdir101/subdir125/blk_1197833667 does not exist
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    Problem Mounting S3 Bucket Folder to Alluxio

    Google Groups | 4 months ago | Keren Tseytlin Ufs path /testfolder does not exist
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    How to config Alluxio with using a non-Amazon service provider

    Google Groups | 5 months ago | test520 The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records. (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code : 403; Error Code: InvalidAccessKeyId; Request ID: 6BDA56B40E8A6053), S3 Extended Request ID: 1My+ SgBlvYRtjuqjHQtMKxvqWfnNUeUARRz5fv1femUUcXIFpz5AHku8tXj7jS0/aWbp7Ge5Zek=
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    Mount failing

    Google Groups | 5 months ago | Unknown author
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No Under File System Factory found for: s3://sankar/

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. alluxio.exception.FileDoesNotExistException

      Path /subdir101/subdir125/blk_1197833667 does not exist

      at alluxio.master.file.meta.InodeTree.ensureFullInodePath()
    2. alluxio.master.file
      1. alluxio.master.file.meta.InodeTree.ensureFullInodePath(
      2. alluxio.master.file.FileSystemMaster.getFileInfo(
      3. alluxio.master.file.FileSystemMasterClientServiceHandler$
      4. alluxio.master.file.FileSystemMasterClientServiceHandler$
      4 frames
    3. alluxio
      1 frame
    4. alluxio.master.file
      1. alluxio.master.file.FileSystemMasterClientServiceHandler.getStatus(
      1 frame
    5. alluxio.thrift
      1. alluxio.thrift.FileSystemMasterClientService$Processor$getStatus.getResult(
      2. alluxio.thrift.FileSystemMasterClientService$Processor$getStatus.getResult(
      2 frames
    6. Apache Thrift
      1. org.apache.thrift.ProcessFunction.process(
      2. org.apache.thrift.TBaseProcessor.process(
      3. org.apache.thrift.TMultiplexedProcessor.process(
      4. org.apache.thrift.server.TThreadPoolServer$
      4 frames
    7. Java RT
      1. java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
      2. java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
      3 frames