Failed to persist /var/folders/pr/24nv8g910wg8vr4b4c33q34r0000gn/T/jenkinsTests.tmp/jenkins9048064252567545422test/jobs/p/builds/1/program.dat

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via GitHub by abayer
, 9 months ago
Failed to persist /var/folders/pr/24nv8g910wg8vr4b4c33q34r0000gn/T/jenkinsTests.tmp/jenkins9048064252567545422test/jobs/p/builds/1/program.dat
via GitHub by tobiasbaum
, 9 months ago
Failed to persist C:\jenkinsws\JenkinsHome\jobs\CheckCommitPipeline\builds\31\
via Google Groups by (JIRA), 9 months ago
Failed to persist /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/DeclarativePipelines/jobs/inlineThing96/builds/85/program.dat
via Google Groups by sohl, 8 months ago
Failed to persist C:\a02_projects\jenkins\saltapi-step\work\jobs\xx_pipe\builds\11\program.dat
via Google Groups by pallen, 7 months ago
Failed to persist /Users/pallen/Workspaces/main.p4-jenkins/dev/work/jobs/groovy/builds/10/program.dat
via Jenkins JIRA by Unknown author, 1 year ago
rename C:\Jenkins\current\jobs\fo12_MainStream_R1X_development_path_Pilot_Workflow_003\builds\45\atomic7701129931116736150.tmp to C:\Jenkins\current\jobs\fo12_MainStream_R1X_development_path_Pilot_Workflow_003\builds\45\program.dat failed Failed to persist /var/folders/pr/24nv8g910wg8vr4b4c33q34r0000gn/T/jenkinsTests.tmp/jenkins9048064252567545422test/jobs/p/builds/1/program.dat
at org.jenkinsci.plugins.workflow.cps.CpsThreadGroup.saveProgram(

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