com.intellij.execution.ExecutionException: Execution finished | 2 weeks ago
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    Debugging in CLion | CLion Blog | 2 weeks ago
    com.intellij.execution.ExecutionException: Execution finished
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    GDBCommandException on attempt to expand STL container in variables view right after initialization

    YouTrack | 2 years ago
    com.jetbrains.cidr.execution.debugger.backend.gdb.GDBCommandException: Odd number of objects in the list:[<child,[<name,var10.<error at 0>>, <exp,<error at 0>>, <numchild,36>, <type,char [36]>, <thread-id,1>]>]
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    Debugger:STL: 'cannot evaluate expression' message when expanding a list

    YouTrack | 5 years ago
    com.jetbrains.cidr.execution.debugger.backend.DBCannotCollectVariablesException: Cannot evaluate the expression.
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    GDB/GCC4.8: Exception on starting debug session with breakpoints in inline member functions

    YouTrack | 2 years ago
    com.intellij.execution.ExecutionException: Warning: Cannot insert breakpoint 1. Cannot access memory at address 0xa1
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    Evaluation hung on attempt to restart debug using gdb console

    YouTrack | 2 years ago
    com.jetbrains.cidr.execution.debugger.backend.DBEvaluationTimedOutException: Evaluation hung: start This may be caused by something like a deadlock or an infinite loop. To prevent this from happening when variables are calculated, please toggle 'Enable Value Renderers' <a href="off">off</a>.

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. com.intellij.execution.ExecutionFinishedException

      Execution finished

      at com.jetbrains.cidr.execution.debugger.backend.gdb.GDBDriver.sendRequest()
    2. com.jetbrains.cidr
      1. com.jetbrains.cidr.execution.debugger.backend.gdb.GDBDriver.sendRequest(
      2. com.jetbrains.cidr.execution.debugger.backend.gdb.GDBDriver.sendRequestAndWait(
      3. com.jetbrains.cidr.execution.debugger.backend.gdb.GDBDriver.sendRequestAndWait(
      4. com.jetbrains.cidr.execution.debugger.backend.gdb.GDBDriver.a(
      5. com.jetbrains.cidr.execution.debugger.backend.gdb.GDBDriver.a(
      6. com.jetbrains.cidr.execution.debugger.backend.gdb.GDBDriver.a(
      7. com.jetbrains.cidr.execution.debugger.backend.gdb.GDBDriver.access$7300(
      8. com.jetbrains.cidr.execution.debugger.backend.gdb.GDBDriver$
      9. com.jetbrains.cidr.execution.debugger.backend.gdb.GDBDriver$
      10. com.jetbrains.cidr.execution.debugger.backend.gdb.GDBDriver$
      10 frames
    3. Openapi
      1. com.intellij.util.concurrency.QueueProcessor$RunnableConsumer.consume(
      2. com.intellij.util.concurrency.QueueProcessor$RunnableConsumer.consume(
      2 frames