org.pac4j.core.exception.TechnicalException: *cannot validate CAS ticket*: ST-1-nIwbwuy5efa1W6Teqyfj-ev007

Google Groups | Alvaro S. | 3 weeks ago
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    [cas-user] How to Add OAuth Clients to CAS Server?

    Google Groups | 3 weeks ago | Alvaro S.
    org.pac4j.core.exception.TechnicalException: *cannot validate CAS ticket*: ST-1-nIwbwuy5efa1W6Teqyfj-ev007
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    Improve logging in case of Authentication failed

    GitHub | 5 months ago | victornoel
    org.pac4j.core.exception.BadCredentialsException: Bad credentials for: wrong
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    [cas-user] Pac4j OAuth delegation: Facebook/Google link dissapears from login page when user logs in for the first time

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    org.pac4j.core.exception.HttpAction: authentication already tried -> forbidden
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    pac4j-cas connection problem with self-signed certificate

    GitHub | 1 year ago | xRomZak
    org.pac4j.core.exception.TechnicalException: No subject alternative names present

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. org.pac4j.core.exception.TechnicalException

      *cannot validate CAS ticket*: ST-1-nIwbwuy5efa1W6Teqyfj-ev007

      at org.pac4j.cas.credentials.authenticator.CasAuthenticator.validate()
    2. org.pac4j.cas
      1. org.pac4j.cas.credentials.authenticator.CasAuthenticator.validate([pac4j-cas-1.9.4.jar!/:?]
      2. org.pac4j.cas.credentials.authenticator.CasAuthenticator.validate([pac4j-cas-1.9.4.jar!/:?]
      2 frames
    3. pac4j core
      1. org.pac4j.core.client.IndirectClientV2.retrieveCredentials([pac4j-core-1.9.4.jar!/:?]
      2. org.pac4j.core.client.IndirectClient.getCredentials([pac4j-core-1.9.4.jar!/:?]
      2 frames
    4. org.pac4j.core
      1. org.pac4j.core.engine.DefaultCallbackLogic.perform([pac4j-core-1.9.4.jar!/:?]
      1 frame
    5. org.pac4j.springframework
      1. org.pac4j.springframework.web.CallbackController.callback([spring-webmvc-pac4j-1.1.4.jar!/:?]
      1 frame