java.lang.NullPointerException | 3 days ago
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    KB36501-BES12 installer fails to complete when upgrading BES5 database | 2 years ago
    java.sql.SQLException: problem encountered exectuing the sql
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    Some administrators are not able to login to the management console using Microsoft Active Directory authentication | 7 months ago user [XXXXXXX], domain [ACCOUNTFOREST] is not in the system
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    The License tab is grayed out in the BlackBerry Management Studio in BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.1 to 10.2 | 7 months ago Unauthorized with request url of /weblicensing/restws/licensing/licensinginformation/0

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.lang.NullPointerException

      No message provided

      at com.rim.platform.mdm.core.service.afw.impl.AndroidEnterpriseInvoker.getProductMap()
    2. com.rim.platform
      1. com.rim.platform.mdm.core.service.afw.impl.AndroidEnterpriseInvoker.getProductMap(
      2. com.rim.platform.mdm.core.service.afw.impl.AndroidEnterpriseInvoker.access$100(
      3. com.rim.platform.mdm.core.service.afw.impl.AndroidEnterpriseInvoker$3.onSuccess(
      4. com.rim.platform.mdm.core.service.afw.impl.AndroidEnterpriseInvoker$3.onSuccess(
      4 frames
    3. Google APIs Client Library for Java
      3 frames
    4. com.rim.platform
      1. com.rim.platform.mdm.core.service.afw.impl.AndroidEnterpriseInvoker.getProducts(
      2. com.rim.platform.mdm.core.service.impl.AndroidMDMService.getAllApprovedApplications(
      3. com.rim.platform.mdm.core.service.impl.AndroidMDMService$$FastClassBySpringCGLIB$$2f64847a.invoke(<generated>)
      3 frames
    5. Spring Core
      1. org.springframework.cglib.proxy.MethodProxy.invoke(
      1 frame