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  1. DataLoadTest.testLoadSources() has thrown a ComparisonFailure
  2. JUnit "equals" comparison failed

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org.junit.ComparisonFailure: Errors encountered while loading Pathfinder Society Organized Play Mode expected:<[]> but was:<[file:/home/travis/build/PCGen/pcgen/data/pathfinder/paizo/player_companion/people_of_the_north/_pfs/pfs_potn_equip_general.lst (7): PObject Pelt of Primal Power not found; .MOD skipped., file:/home/travis/build/PCGen/pcgen/data/pathfinder/paizo/player_companion/people_of_the_north/_pfs/pfs_potn_equip_general.lst (8): PObject Saga of the Linnorm Kings not found; .MOD skipped., file:/home/travis/build/PCGen/pcgen/data/pathfinder/paizo/player_companion/people_of_the_north/_pfs/pfs_potn_equip_general.lst (9): PObject Shard of Winter not found; .MOD skipped.]>
    at org.junit.Assert.assertEquals(
    at pcgen.persistence.lst.DataLoadTest.testLoadSources(


igorski3 months ago

ComparisonFailure is thrown when using JUnit's internal assertions to compare two strings, number or objects that are not equal. The simplest code to reproduce the error is the following:

import static org.junit.Assert.assertEquals;

public class ObjectComparisonTest { 

   public void shouldAssertStrings() { 
      assertEquals("Jhon", "John");  //The letters are in different order

   public void shouldAssertNumbers() { 
      assertEquals(1, 2); 

   public void shouldAssertObjects() {
      Person p1 = new Person();
      Person p2 = new Person();
      assertEquals(p1, p2);  // The object instances are not the same

class Person { ... }

Mind the static import. The assertEquals is part of the JUnit API.

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