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  • Trying to setup a new installation of Artifactory and Jenkins using the plugin with an ivy project. Here are the issues i encountered in order and my resolutions. 1. A failure to load the plugin during a build. This was fixed by placing the ivy (2.2.0) jar in the ant lib folder. 2. The plugin was ignoring the Ivy settings property from the ivy plugin. This caused my settings to not get loaded because the default ivysettings.xml was being loaded from .jenkins/tools/Ant_1.8.2/lib/ivy-2.2.0.jar!/org/apache/ivy/core/settings/ivysettings.xml. By moving the ivysettings.xml to the same directory as the build script, it loads both my settings and the default settings in the ivy jar. 3. Because my ivysettings was using the default 'ivy.instance' which I believe was being overwritten by the setting from the ivy jar the publish was not being detected by the ArtifactoryBuildListener. I changed my ivy:settings to use a new id and updated all my resolve and publish tasks. This leaves me with the following error: Collecting Module information for module: my-spring [ivy:publish] publish aborted: deleted C:\Documents and Settings\myname\.ivy2\local\\my-spring\11.8.INT-20111006134906.part [subant] Exiting C:\Documents and Settings\myname\.jenkins\jobs\fe_common_dev1\workspace\my-spring\build.xml. BUILD FAILED C:\Documents and Settings\myname\.jenkins\jobs\fe_common_dev1\workspace\ivy\build.xml:5: The following error occurred while executing this line: C:\Documents and Settings\myname\.jenkins\jobs\fe_common_dev1\workspace\build-include.xml:223: impossible to publish artifacts for;working@WNJ10002LBITCSM: java.util.NoSuchElementException at at at at It appears the publish has not completed going to the 11.8.INT-20111006134906.part directory (which seems to be a temp location while publishing) before the plugin tries to work with it. Please let me know what additional information I can provide.
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    • java.util.NoSuchElementException at at at at org.jclouds.apis.Apis.withId( at org.jclouds.blobstore.BlobStoreContextFactory.createContext( at org.jclouds.blobstore.BlobStoreContextFactory.createContext(
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