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  1. RepositoryImpl.login() has thrown a LoginException
    Jackrabbit Core

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javax.jcr.LoginException: LoginModule ignored Credentials
    at org.apache.jackrabbit.core.RepositoryImpl.login(
    at org.pentaho.platform.repository2.unified.jcr.sejcr.CredentialsStrategySessionFactory.getSession(
    at org.springframework.extensions.jcr.jackrabbit.LocalTransactionManager.doBegin(

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  1. Michael D'Amourvia Pentaho BI Platform Tracking4 months ago
    Could not open JCR session for transaction; nested exception is javax.jcr.LoginException: Logi nModule ignored Credentials
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  2. Unknown authorvia Google Groups8 months ago
  3. LoginModule ignored Credentials
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