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Explore errors for the JVM

Apache Cassandra
A highly scalable second-generation distributed database, bringing together Dynamo's fully distributed design and Bigtable's ColumnFamily-based data model
487 patterns
No description
474 patterns
PostgreSQL JDBC Driver
Java JDBC driver for PostgreSQL database
447 patterns
Jetty Server
The core of jetty server
444 patterns
Enterprise Job Scheduler
438 patterns
A testing framework inspired from JUnit and NUnit but introducing some new functionalities that make it more powerful and easier to use
431 patterns
Commons DBCP
Commons Database Connection Pooling
425 patterns
Lucene Core
A high-performance, full-featured text search engine library written entirely in Java
413 patterns
An JDBC datasource implementation.
385 patterns
Async event-driven framework for high performance network applications
384 patterns
Jetty Server Core
The core jetty server artifact.
384 patterns
An object-relational mapping tool for Java
383 patterns
Apache Hadoop HDFS
The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is a distributed file system designed to run on commodity hardware
378 patterns
Spring AOP
Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) complements Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) by providing another way of thinking about program structure
368 patterns
Apache Ant Core
A Java library and command-line tool whose mission is to drive processes described in build files as targets and extension points dependent upon each other
363 patterns
Tomcat Jasper Compiler
Tomcat's JSP Engine Compiler
363 patterns
Android Support Library fragment
The Support Library is a static library that you can add to your Android application in order to use APIs that are either not available for older platform versions or utility APIs that aren't a part of the framework APIs. Compatible on devices running API 14 or later.
355 patterns
OSGi System Bundle
347 patterns
OSGi System Bundle
346 patterns
Jetty Utilities
Utility classes for Jetty
346 patterns