Analyze, discuss and solve exceptions.

Samebug works for JVM languages and integrates with your IDE

Private exception repository and knowledge base

Create a support knowledge base across all members of the Dev team, QA, Support, and Operations to share stack traces, related information and keep the knowledge organized. Use the semantic stack trace search engine to find information quickly and easily in your private repository as well as from public sources.

Automated stack trace search, using the full stack trace

Samebug searches using all stack frames you specify. When comparing exceptions it understands differences in libraries, packages and source lines, nesting of exceptions and more. This makes Samebug much better than manually searching for an exception type, exception message or a single stack frame.

Existing solutions to fast track debugging

Your bugs are not unique. We provide tips written by other users, a list of users who have seen the same bug and solutions from the web.

Committed to Privacy

We are aware that privacy can be an issue when dealing with stack traces. The stack trace has information about the technology stack you use, the internal architecture of your modules and the message can contain schema of your database tables, user names or worse. If your business considers these data sensitive, Samebug is ready to handle them with care.

Stack trace analysis

A stack trace is noisy and hard to read for humans, yet it contains so much useful information. Samebug highlights the important bits and guides debugging. Each method in the stack trace has a javadoc which can be checked. Samebug extends this feature with the 'crashdoc', a collection of problems related to the method.

Let Samebug assist your debugging for free