When you search with a stack trace, Samebug will show your bugmates along with other solutions. Bugmates are actually crash tags, Samebug users associated with stack traces.


Our rationale behind bugmates was the situation which is probably familiar to you: you have an exception, you try to search for a solution on the Internet but find nothing. Probably there were already a number of other developers struggling with the same problem who put some effort into solving it, managed to fix it but never shared their findings. They left no trace, not even the fact that they had such a problem. We see exceptions every day, but only a small portion of these crashes get documented by people who ask for a solution on the forums.


Bugmates are Samebug's concept to improve this situation. Every stack trace search executed on the web and every crash logged during development in the IDE (assuming the Samebug plugin is installed) will be associated with the Samebug user. In some cases these people just ignore the exception, others will find a workaround or put more or less effort into finding the solution, but only in the rarest case will someone document the problem and the solution e.g. in a blog post. However, because they use Samebug, their effort and knowledge is no longer isolated.


We know that the information that Samebug deals with might be sensitive, we have an adequate idea about privacy even in this early phase.

In the context of bugmates these concepts translate to:

  • If your searches are Public, other users can find you via bugmate match and read the stack trace of the crash you had.
  • If your searches are Searchable, other users can find you via bugmate match, but will not see the stack trace of the crash you had.
  • If your searches are Private, you will never show up as a bugmate for people who cannot access your workspace. This is only available in the paid version (Private Package)