Help requests

A help request is a stack trace and an optional description of the problem, that is sent to bugmates (Samebug users who can probably help).

How to create a help request

You can open a help request when you search with a stack trace. Click the 'Ask bugmates'button under the bugmates list; you can do this even if there are no bugmates at the moment. You can write a description to give some context to the stack trace for your bugmates.

How bugmates are notified

When you send your help request, Samebug will notify your bugmates in the most appropriate manner for them: a notification in their IDE, browser or email. Moreover, they will see an incoming help request on their profile page.

Samebug makes sure that your bugmates will find the stack trace in your help request relevant, however it is not guaranteed that they will already know the solution for that problem.

How you get notified about the answer

When someone answers your help request, Samebug sends a notification to your IDE, browser or email.