Install the Android Studio plugin

The plugin allows you to use Samebug directly from Android Studio (we also support IntelliJ Idea and Eclipse), get solutions or ask for help without abandoning your workflow.

JetBrains maintains a repository of plugins and offers seamless installation. However, when something goes wrong you can fall back to manual installation.


You can install the plugin for Android Studio 2.1 or later versions.

Best case: install from repository

Open the Settings window by pressing Ctrl+Alt+S, select Plugins and type 'samebug' in the search box. Because Samebug is not maintained by JetBrains, you have to click the 'Browse repositories' button at the bottom. Select Samebug and click 'Install' on the right. Don't forget that you have to restart the IDE to make the install take effect.

Install manually

It can happen that Android Studio is unable to find the plugin. In this case you have to download the plugin from the JetBrains plugin repository and install manually.

  1. Download the latest plugin version from the repository
  2. Open the Settings window by pressing Ctrl+Alt+S, and click ‘Install plugin from disk…’ in the bottom right corner. Select the zip file you downloaded in the first step and restart the IDE.