Samebug profile

We think that your activity on Samebug is something you could be proud of and worth sharing. You should not be ashamed about the crashes you have. They show your journey as a professional developer. They show which libraries you have experience with, show when you started experimenting with a new technology, show the progress you make. Moreover, you can write solutions, actually help people having problems and collect 'Thanks' from other users to boost your profile.

To access your profile page, log in Samebug and click on your avatar on the top right. You can see and change your profile information, and on the tabbed view you can have an overview about your activities.


On this tab we show statistics about all your activities:

  • Crashes: the number of stack trace searches you submitted to Samebug.
  • Bugs: bugs are a collection of stack traces that Samebug thinks to be similar enough to treat them as the same. E.g. if you submit exactly the same stack trace twice, they will count as two crashes, but one bug.
  • Votes: the number of solutions you marked as helpful.
  • Crashtags: crash tags are created when you mark a solution as helpful from a stack trace search.
  • Tips: the number of tips you wrote.
  • Thanks: the number of times your crash tags were marked as helpful.

Search history

On this tab we show a list of the queries you submitted to Samebug. Click them to see the search result page.


On this tab we show a list of tips you wrote.

My help requests

On this tab we show a list of help requests you created.

Incoming help requests

On this tab we show a list of help requests created by other Samebug users. You will only see help request where you can help, or at least Samebug assumes that you can help based on your activity on Samebug.