One of the core features of Samebug is that you can use it as a search engine for exceptions. Paste the full stack trace into the search box and you will be presented with two kinds of solutions: tips and external solutions.

Samebug tips

Tips are short solutions to an exception written by other Samebug users. Their purpose is to give you a hint about how to fix or workaround the problem as soon as possible. They are often just the essence of a longer discussion, e.g. the extract of the accepted answer of a Stack Overflow question. In these cases you will find the url of the source in the tip if you want check the details.

External solutions

Samebug has a database of more than a million stack traces available on the Internet, from sources like Stack Overflow, GitHub issues and Google Groups, among many other. If Samebug finds an exception that is similar to your query, it will show you links to these discussions.

External solutions are usually less valuable than tips, as Samebug guarantees only that the stack trace is present on that site, but currently we cannot make sure that the discussion you find there will actually be helpful. Even if it does help, probably you will have to read e.g. a longer forum thread to extract the actual fix. In these cases, if you can distil the solution to a few sentences, it is a nice gesture towards the Community to write a tip and save them the effort of going through the discussion.