Crash tag

Usually we use the terms solution and crash tag interchangeably. A crash tag is a stack trace associated with a solution content, which can be anything that helps solving that exception, like a website, a Stack Overflow answer, a tip, or even another Samebug user. Actually when Samebug presents you results for a stack trace search, it presents the crash tags stored in the Samebug database.

Creating crash tags

In rating solutions we mentioned that marking a solution helpful creates a new crash tag. What does this exactly mean? Suppose you are searching with the stack trace S1, and Samebug shows a crash tag S2 -> C (stack trace S2 associated with content C). Here if you mark this solution helpful, you will create a new crash tag S1 -> C. This is important for two reasons:

  • if someone searches with a stack trace that is more similar to S1 than S2, Samebug can offer the content C as a solution with higher relevancy
  • the fresh crash tag is owned by you, so when it collect marks from other Samebug users, these marks will boost your profile