Rating solutions

The Samebug search algorithm uses the semantics of the stack traces to define similarity. When it presents the search results, they are ordered by the similarity of the stack trace of the solution. However, we do not automatically evaluate the content of the solution, so we need the Community to rate them in order to make Samebug learn which solutions work.

Mark as helpful

A tip before you upvoteA tip after you upvoted

On the stack trace search result page you can press the upvote button on the solution that you found worthy. This simple click has multiple effects:

  • other Samebug users will see how helpful each solution is
  • if the solution was a tip written by a Samebug user, he will get recognized for writing helpful tips
  • the Samebug search algorithm will have more information to weigh the value of the solutions
  • a new crash tag will be created, combining the stack trace you used to search and the content of the solution you marked