Experts Wanted

You know the solution. We know the bug.

Together we can change how debugging is done today.

A new way of looking at stack traces

Samebug analyzes your stack trace and looks for error patterns. When inspecting exceptions it understands differences in libraries, packages and source lines, nesting of exceptions and more. This makes Samebug much more effective than manually searching for an exception type, exception message or a single stack frame. The sensitive parts of the stack trace are hidden from Samebug.

Knowledge base for bugs

Samebug has indexed 1.5M solutions from 20 different sources. We analyze the stack traces, recognizing similar patterns, called error patterns. Each one of these patterns has a page dedicated to all known information about it: which library it belongs to, what other bugs are related to it and even clues on how it might be fixed. Error patterns are at the core of our services.

Debugging today

We run into exceptions every day while programming. To solve it we can either search online or debug. We obediently sacrifice our time to go on the journey of exploring the unknown. What’s worse is that someone has likely done the exact same thing in the past, found a solution and left no trace about ever having the error. We have no choice but to do the same thing.

Debugging tomorrow

We are a group of programmers who believe that the current, often tedious error handling process has to go and a new, programmer-friendly approach must take its place. This is why we created a site dedicated to common errors where all of us can meet each other, join discussions, write solutions and make sure that if someone has already understood the meaning of an exception, everyone knows this meaning.

Community of experts

We are looking for experts to write solutions for the collected error patterns, currently for those related to Java Runtime, Android, Neo4J, MySQL, Google Guava, JUnit, Tomcat, Hibernate and Spring. We collected the error patterns, you - the expert - write the solutions. Let’s change debugging together!

Igor Stojanovski

Samebug is a great product: very useful and saves you a lot of time. Ever since I found out about it, I’ve been using it for all my projects. It was a pleasure working with the Samebug team since they are a bunch of really cool people. They are always ready to hear opinions and feedbacks to improve their tool.

Rajib Ahsan

Writing solutions for Samebug was a fine challenge for me. The tool eases the lives of developers, no matter their experience level. I think its greatest potential lies in IDE integrations: in the future whenever a developer is stuck on a problem, they will be able to see the solution right from their IDE.

Javier Restrepo

It was a pleasure working on a project that helps so many developers find the solution they need really fast! I remember how I struggled with this problem in the past but now Samebug solves it. The way it analyzes your stack trace and gives only relevant solutions in the form of error patterns is great!

About us

Samebug strives to become a part of every developer’s toolkit by helping to fix each error encountered.
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