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Samebug provides deep insights, rich context and technical expertise on JVM bugs.
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Knowledge base for your errors

Documentation of all bugs in existence is now underway, starting with Jedis related errors due to popular demand. The goal is to create the largest knowledge base to be used by developers around the world as a go-to source whenever a bug comes up. Email us if you are interested in realizing this goal.

Exception type docs

We are committed to helping all developers.
We have started documenting every exception type.
More to come soon!

Stress-free debugging

Structured information

Samebug constantly monitors the web for JVM stack traces and analyzes them meaning it's progressively getting better at identifying bugs and their characteristics.

Practical insights

We provide intelligence on your crash compiled from all available community knowledge and component documentations.

Private knowledge base

In-house knowledge base when you cannot release your stack trace to the public. You still have access to community knowledge.

Your data is protected


Your content is not sensitive. You are free to make it publicly available on the Internet.


Your content is sensitive. Only people you grant access to can view any of it. Others won't even know it exists.


Middle ground between Public and Private. Your stack trace is private, but the content attached to it is public.

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