The Problem

We run into exceptions every day while programming. To solve it we can either search online or debug. We obediently sacrifice our time to go on the journey of exploring the unknown which results in wasting a whole day and still getting nowhere. It’s very likely that someone has done the exact same thing in the past, found a solution and left no trace about ever having the error but we are still forced to do the same.

The Solution

Samebug alters the way we debug our exceptions. We are a group of programmers who believe that the current, often tedious error handling process has to go and a new, programmer-friendly approach must take its place. This is why we created a site dedicated to common errors where all of us can meet others, join discussions, write solutions and make sure that if someone has already understood the meaning of an exception, everyone knows this meaning.

The Means

Samebug is capable of finding and matching patterns in stack traces. It collects existing information from the entire web to provide all available information to help solve an error. The other big part of the platform is the Samebug programming community: individuals contributing to a knowledge base on errors by simply sharing their findings on the bug, or writing down solutions when they managed to fix it.
Samebug strives to become a part of every developer’s toolkit by helping to fix each error encountered all while eliminating its long-endured pain points.

Join our fast growing community and help us build a better future.