Debugging assistant for developers

Samebug is changing debugging by building a community-driven knowledge base of solutions to common software problems and creating the largest exception database in the world. The Hungarian startup is looking for experts to build that community to help developers around the world.

Debugging is a difficult task and requires a great deal of a programmer’s effort. The Hungarian startup's goal is to reduce the time spent with debugging, so developers can focus on writing code, launching new applications or learning new skills they didn’t have time for. Studies show that debugging is at least 50% of the development cycle, and that debugging is twice as hard as writing code in the first place. Not to mention the frustration that comes with it. And these bugs are not special, developers are solving the same problems that other developers have already solved over and over again. So why fight the same bug if someone out there has already solved it? Developers don’t have to browse through countless forum posts anymore to find the information they need. They can find everything in one place, as Samebug is creating the largest exception database in the world.

How does it work?

You can take a stack trace from a crash and search across over a million (and growing) solutions. Samebug is capable of finding and matching patterns in stack traces. It collects existing information from the entire web to provide all available information to help solve an error. The other big part of the platform is the Samebug programming community: individuals contributing to a knowledge base on errors by simply sharing their findings on the bug, or writing down solutions when they managed to fix it. Knowledge sharing is based on how diligent you are at solving problems.

The millions of stack traces Samebug collected and analyzed allows them to recognize similar patterns, called error patterns. These error patterns are connected to libraries, where developers find the most specific bugs and even the solutions for those. Developers don’t have to worry about privacy issues, Samebug doesn’t see the sensitive parts of their stack trace and developers have full control of the privacy level of their stack traces.*

Looking for experts - build the future with Samebug

Here at Samebug we are programmers who take complex problems and break them into smaller solvable units. But we are also detectives, who spend countless hours investigating software exceptions.

We are looking for other detectives or experts to help us and the developer community to write solutions for the exception libraries. We collected the error patterns, then the experts create the solutions to help other developers who encounter the same problem. Our future goal is to connect developers with each other or to experts who can help.

Current components we need experts for: Neo4J, Java Runtime, MySQL, Google Guava, JUnit, Tomcat, Hibernate, Spring

[1] For more and detailed information about the privacy of your stack traces, please visit our site: