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When you are ok to make your stack traces publicly available or searchable by others



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When you want to build an internal exception knowledge base and keep your data private


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Privacy Control

All plans include

IDE Integration (IntelliJ, Eclipse)
Exception repository
Stack trace analysis
Semantic stack trace search
Automated knowledge base

Frequently asked questions

What does Privacy control mean?

At the moment there are two types of data you create on Samebug: crashes and solutions.
Crashes are the stack trace searches you paste on the site or you submit from the IDE plugins. If your search is Public, everybody will be able to check the stack trace of the crash, find you as a bugmate for similar stack traces and your experience with the related libraries will be displayed on your profile. On Private level, none of these will be visible for unprivileged users, while on Searchable your stack trace will be private, but the rest of the data is public. Learn more

What is a workspace?

A workspace usually corresponds to a team of developers working on a project. A Samebug user can access to multiple workspaces and a workspace can be associated with multiple users. Workspaces are useful to organize and control the visibility of content generated during the project development.

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