Actionable insights to fix bugs quickly.

Samebug works for JVM languages

Your data is protected

We know that privacy can be an issue when dealing with stack traces. The stack trace tells information about the technology stack you use, the internal architecture of your modules, and the message can contain schema of your database tables, user names or worse. If your business considers these data sensitive, Samebug is ready to handle them with care.

Community knowledge is at your fingertips

We provide all information relevant to your crash collected from component documentations and online discussions.

A new way of dealing with crashes

Stack traces are noisy and hard to read for humans, yet they contain a lot of useful information. Samebug analyzes them, looks for error patterns and highlights the important bits. It is an assistant for debugging.

About us

Samebug strives to become a part of every developer’s toolkit by helping to fix each error encountered.
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